Hi- My name is Mike Castoro. ((Just in case the dot-com domain didn't help identify myself. I gotta cover all the bases here!)). I am a voice over artist, musician, a singer/composer/performer. It had an “instrumental” part in my musical development as a cross-over artist ((and as a pun writer, #harhar)).


As anyone who is in the arts -field knows, you have to have a sense of humor! I feel my binge-watching of  comedy and sci-fi shows have helped develop me into the person I am.  I'm somewhere in-between a nerd and a jokester.  I am not afraid of meeting new people, performing in new settings, and helping other people learn the craft I take it seriously ((while not taking myself all that seriously)).  I enjoyed all my experiences recording lines, in performing choirs, a soloist traveling the world, along with debuting my compositions and songwriting throughout NYC and Long Island.

I absolutely love the creative side of writing as well.  I am fortunate enough to be involved in writing of scripts/stories/librettos and also dabble in acting. Collaborating in these ventures is always an exciting way to explore new ideas and learn new things while having fun.  I do pen a quick joke via Social Media as if it was my part time job. ((Ok, maybe like it's a semi-full time time job)) and hope my work reaches you or I work with you!

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