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Hi- My name is Mike Castoro. ((Just in case the dot-com domain didn't help clarify-  gotta cover all the bases !)).


I am a voice over artist, musician, a singer/composer. I love to perform. It had an “instrumental” part in my musical development as a cross-over artist ((and as a dad joke/pun writer, #harhar)).

Anyone in the arts knows, you have to have a sense of humor! The only thing I do seriously is my strong work ethic and mentoring.  I enjoy all my arts experiences and love being adventurous. Recording lines, performing in groups and as a soloist gave me opportunities to travel the world.  I also debuted my compositions and songwriting throughout NYC and outside of NY

I absolutely love the creative side of... well, a lot of things! I have fortunate enough to be involved in writing of scripts/stories/librettos as a writer. Collaborating in these ventures is always an exciting way to explore new ideas and learn new things while having fun.  Click around and explore my page and my social media as well-Let's get to know each other!