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Acting and Voice Over:


Mike Castoro was a featured guest voice actor on the sketch comedy YouTube series Most Popular Girls in School. Improv, in live practice and in workshops through Second City have proved invaluable to his acting process and comedic writing. His wide vocal range in singing has been a great asset in playing young teen voices to adult voices believably.  Mike has been a huge supporter of local talent and made his "bari-tenor" voice available in developments of music productions, video game workshops for students and LGTBQ+ story telling.  You may also hear Mr. Castoro’s voice narrations of various educational resources for Marotta Dental Studio and local businesses phone trees. He loves to explore local made boutique microphones for variations on tone for voice, singing and musical recordings.

Recent credits include Audiodramas Out Of Sight, Century : The Series, the animated TikTok shorts Dooro Bear, a character in the soon to be released game I Married a Monster on a Hill, and the lead role of Shane in Love Sick Interactive Stories. Please see his IMDb page as well for major studio roles


Mike Castoro’s trained in language and vocal technique from actor /Met Opera star Anthony Laciura.  It helped earn acclaim by the Polish digest Tygodnik Polonijny for his interpretation of Chopin songs sung in both French and Polish. Mike's vocal skills earned him in a spot as the youngest regular soloist of the prestigious Musica Viva of New York where he was featured soloist for over 3 years.   Other musical highlights include: the featured leads in local productions of The Gondoliers and The Scarlet Pimpernel, the roles of Goro and Yamadori in New York Lyric Opera’s Madama Butterfly. 


He was Assistant Music Director and resident soloist of Grace Church of Long Island for over 5 years. Prior to that, as a tenor soloist through LIU  tours of England, Ireland, Wales, Spain, and France singing Art Song, Arias and Choral works in Russian, French, Italian, German and Czech.  He has enjoyed mentoring and coaching for over 15 years.  Mike also composes as he is work-shopping his musical Crossing Lines, a musical based on cross dressing soldiers during the Civil War in the USA.  Mike had one of his themes featured for New York Dramatic Voices broadcasts and fundraiser.


You can find Mike Castoro streaming weekly on Twitch under MikesTwitchName and singing/performing Top 40 and various rock or pop songs on YouTube Channel MikeDoesCovers and accompanying himself on guitar or piano.  He also likes to practice different instruments such as Violin or Sax when time allows.

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Studio Specs / Resume

Studio Specs

Home Studio is sound-treated with:

-Cork floors

-Sound foam on walls and ceiling w/Bass traps

-Audimute sound treatment curtains (one with green screen for background editing)

-Bass Traps

-Hard wired internet (Around 100D/L, 100 U/L)

-Webcam for session work(both Mac and Windows if needed)

-Audient iD14 and  MOTU2 M2 interface, depending on usage

-Source Connect ready

-TwistedWave (full license)

-Mics:  Sennheiser MHK416 and Neumann TLM103 depending on the session and workload.


Anything else needing clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out!


Resume / Training

I recently finished recording roles for the Audiodramas "Out Of Sight" , Century: The Series, the animated short Dooro Bear, and a character in the soon to be released Steam games Lucid Dreams and I Married a Monster on a Hill among other gigs. I was also just cast in the Lovesick Interactive Stories projects. I am also very proud of my in-depth linguistic training from voice studies , my voice acting mentors as well as my  family's Greek and Mediterranean heritage.

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